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What we offer 

Empty Factory


Parallel Reagent
Filling Technology

We provide an alternative to pipette and tips with reagent dispensing, tackling high cost and low efficiency for manufacturing without compromising on quality.


Dispense Technology

The need to maneuver droplets below 10 µL is common in the biomedical world and we have made that readily accessible through our solutions.  


Single head and
multi-head independent controlled peristaltic pump

The peristaltic pump allows for the delivery of numerous chemicals at different flow rates using a single pump. It offers simple panel mounting, robust tubing, is biocompatible, and is free of contamination. 


Parallel Reagent Filling Technology 


We offer an alternative in transfer and dispense or reagents. Parallel reagent filling technology uses high precision stainless steel needles. Depending on the need of multiple reagents and the option to dispense with cartridge filling the rectangular and circular needle head would be recommended. The use of direct drive technology ensures with not just micro volumes but efficiency through high speed and accuracy. 

Parallel Reagent Filling

Microdroplet Dispense Technology


The conventional method in pipette method for liquid transfer struggles with volume below 10 µL. Here at Arogi the microdroplet dispense technology have achieved dispensing volume of 0.25 µL leveraging on Hamilton's syringe in conjuction with precision motion control. This is backed by data collection in real time monitoring in the process of the micro agents transfer.  

Micro Droplet
SH MH pumps

Single head / Multi-head Independent Controlled Peristaltic Pump


Utilized in polymerase chain reaction, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (reagent handling), molecular diagnostics, and biological sample processing. The pump is perfect for usage in a range of various sectors, such as research, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, and biological, because of its exact fluid delivery.

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