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NGS Library Preparation

The reagents filling system is able to fill reagents to cartridge of multiple wells (e.g. 40 wells or more). The system has integrated multi-function module as below:

Parallel Filling of Reagents

Able to fill reagent concurrently

using stainless steel needles

Pump Head V2.tif

Barcode Scan

Able to electronically identify information, free from human error

Barcode scanner.JPG

Reagent Filling Vision Check

To ensure the absence of

remaining droplets on the tip

Vision Check V2.tif

Cartridge Foil Seal

To prevent reagent and sample contamination

Foil seal.JPG


Filling Volume Range
0.25µl - 5000 µl
Size of Droplet Distribution

Volume <5µl, CV <3%

Volume >10µl, CV <1%

TEC cooler temperature for sensitive reagents


Vision Check for small droplets
Wall Touch
Wall touch feature to overcome surface tension of small reagent volume
High precision syringe pumps and Hamilton micro syringes for reagents delivery
Foil Seal
Cartridge sealing after reagent filling by aluminium foil or pressure sensitive foil
Direct Drive Motor
Achieve maintaining-free high precise position motion with high-throughput
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