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Point of care test (POCT)

Reagent high-throughput
filling system


Point of Care Test (POCT) device for molecular diagnosis requires different type of reagents for bio sample preparation and detection. Arogi Healthcare provide turn-key customized systems for high-throughput reagents filling according to our customer’s design. Our system has integrated multi-function of: 

Orientating and Transferring

Bowl feeder for handling and sorting bulk of canister or sample tube

bowl feeder_edited.jpg

Sealing and Cutting

The technology uses heat-seal aluminium tape or pressure sensitive tape

seal cut_edited.jpg

Reagent Volume Checking

Volume continuous checking using ultrasound sensor and/or weight sensor

volume check_edited.jpg

Vision Sealing Checking

Vision continuous checks the quality of sealing

vision check visby_edited.jpg

Filling Volume Range:

0.25µl - 5000 µl


Volume <5µl, CV <3%

Volume >10µl, CV <1%


High-throughput of unit per hour (UPH) 

Bowl Feeder

For large quantity POCT device loading, orientating and transferring

Continuous Reagent Filling

Filling with Arogi proprietary stainless steel needle head instead of pipette tips

High Viscosity Reagent

Capable to handle high viscosity reagent such as glycerin

Direct Drive Motor

Achieve maintaining-free high precise position motion with high-throughput

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