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Tubes reagent filling system

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Specially designed for small batch production, Arogi’s Tube Reagent Filling System is able to fill tubes of volume 0.5 to 50 mL with reagents, cells and bacteria. The system’s small footprint make it easy to install in biosafety cabinets, fume hoods and other sterile RNase/DNase free environments, without the need of additional special manufacturing labs. 


Filling Volume Range:

20µL - 50mL


Volume <10µL, CV <5%

Volume >10µL, CV <1.5%


Able to load 192 tubes per tray at a same time


High throughput at 400 tubes per hour

Continuous Reagent Filling

Filling with Arogi proprietary stainless steel needle head instead of pipette tips

High Viscosity Reagent

Capable to handle high viscosity reagent such as glycerin

Accurate Filling Weight

Accurate filling by measuring weight of individual tube

Tightening Tube Cap

Torque controlled tightening of tube caps

Available Add-On Module

Arogi is able to make a customized system to match your special requirements. Lead time for customized systems is about 4 months.

Tube Loading

Load and unload samples or tubes in tray format

Point Luck Tray and Gripper_edited.jpg

Sealing and Cutting

The technology uses heat-seal aluminium tape or pressure sensitive tape

seal cut_edited.jpg

Reagent Volume Checking

Volume continuous checking using ultrasound sensor and/or weight sensor

volume check_edited.jpg

Vision Sealing Checking

Vision continuous checks the quality of sealing

vision check visby_edited.jpg
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